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Welcome to Stacey Keagle for State Senator 49

I want to extend a warm welcome to each person on my candidate State Senate 49th District page. My name is Stacey Keagle, and I am a proud resident of Illinois. I am a Republican woman with solid Conservative values. It’s pastime that we have a candidate with a solid backbone that will stand up and represent not only the interests of the State of Illinois, but the best interest of the residents. As a State Senator, I will promote job growth and security, fight to lower taxes, be an active advocate for our senior residents, veterans, and police, advance education curriculum, maintain a firm focus on our youth and work to develop youth programs and training to keep our youth off the streets and in school, supporting union jobs, defending the rights of parents to decide for their children, community safety, fiscal accountability, and rooting out wasteful use and corruption that has plagued Illinois for decades. We need reform in this corrupt government, challenging those elected officials that have caused our downfall with lavish spending and their nonsense social policies!

As the State recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, many of Illinoisans are out of work and factories and businesses are closed forever. It is time that Illinois restructures. We demand to rebuild our cities, villages, and build new roads and bridges. We need to reopen our service industries and keep our factories and businesses from leaving Illinois. We need incentives for industries to strive and provide new jobs for taxpayers. With the worst credit rating in the nation, Illinois is hanging on by a thread. The State is bound for a pension collapse. With thousands of our citizens leaving every day for other states, we need a plan to keep Illinois from being taxed into bankruptcy. The Democrats that control Springfield are devising ways to raise taxes every day, and it’s time it stops. I have a plan to rescue Illinois that will bring accountability and common-sense spending. Instead of voting for their raises and doubling their office allotments, Illinois lawmakers should represent the people of the State. It’s time to root out the corruption and bring integrity to our State Government. I will fight crime by giving the Police the tools they need to keep our communities safe. The courts and prosecutors need to be more accountable, so they can punish dangerous criminals. It begins today with you. Join me, in my endeavor to represent you and your families. The Democratic Party has broken this State and is wasting money that we don’t have. It is time we fix this State now, preventing them from causing any more damage! Elect Stacey Keagle to prevent this from continuing.

Stacey Keagle, Candidate for State Senate District 49.

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Recent News

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 6:37 PM

Stacey Keagle announces her run for State Senate!

Published by the Joliet-Herald  September 9th, 2021


A Plainfield resident announced her campaign to take on Democratic State Sen. Meg Loughran Cappel for her seat representing the 49th Illinois Senate district in the 2022 election.

Stacey Keagle said she intends to run as a Republican for the seat representing a district which stretches from Bolingbrook and Naperville south to parts of Joliet, Shorewood and Crest Hill. She argued that state policies are not helping but harming struggling families.

“The reason I have decided to serve the citizens of Illinois as a lawmaker is because I, like so many other of my fellow Illinoisans have grown frustrated with how this state is mismanaged,” Keagle said in a statement. “I’ve lost too many of my family members and friends that have fled this state, because of being overtaxed and the loss of jobs.”

On her campaign website, she said if elected she would advocate for promoting job growth and security, lower taxes, older residents, veterans and police officers.

“The Democrats that control Springfield are devising ways to raise taxes every day and it’s time it stops,” said on her website. “I have a plan to rescue Illinois that will bring accountability and common sense spending.”

Keagle said she has worked in the health care industry for almost 30 years and is pursuing two master’s degrees in business administration and public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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